Is Wipe New a scam?

Wipe New is a product that restores the shine of cars and protects the car surfaces from further fading. Many people think that this new car care product is a scam as it can only be purchased online. But whatreally is the truth behind it?
Wipe New cannot be bought from stores except online
Many have assumed that this product is only a scam since it can only be bought online. Not seeing the actual product before buying it increases the risk of it being labeled as a scam. However, Wipe New is not a scam since the product that is seen online is also the one that will be shipped to the buyer. Yes, it will definitely be shipped to the buyer’s location once an order was placed and the payment for the product was given. The customers just have to wait for a few days for the product to arrive.
Wipe New always comes with a promo
This product was considered a scam because of the promos included when one purchases the product. Wipe New only costs $19.99 per bottle. However, if a customer wants to avail the promo which is the free Pro Detail Kit, then an additional $7.99 (shipping fee) will be charged.
The Pro Detail Kit includes the following items:
• A pair of gloves
• 2 Yellow applicator cloth
• 1 Red applicator cloth
• 1 Blue applicator cloth
• 1 Detail brush
Wipe New offers a 2-year guarantee
This 2-year guarantee offer has lead people to assume that the product is a scam since it offers a very long money-back guarantee period. Most of the products that are commercially available offer only a 30- or 90-day money-back guarantee. This product provides that special offer as Wipe New is really an effective product in restoring shine and protecting the car surfaces. The product exhibits high confidence as it sees only a little or no possibility that a customer will return the product because of it’s inability perform its function.
Wipe New is clearly not a scam
Interested to buy this item?Hesitate no more as it is definitely not a scam. Upon ordering and paying online, just wait for a few days for its arrival. If a customer is not satisfied, the product may be returned as long as it is within the 2-year guarantee period.